96 Movie Review

’96’ resembles a sentimental novel which you read amid a long adventure and you can’t rest before finishing the entire book. Nowadays we have seen such a significant number of romantic tales in light of desire and perkiness, yet here’s a romantic tale which is an unadulterated pleasure in view of affection and feelings alone.

As we said before, this motion picture is about the romantic tale of two youth hearts who were not able admit their adoration and they meet amid a gathering and how love unfurls later. The gentle foundation score makes us grin, giggle, cry keeping in mind the desire of swinging to the last pages of the book.

We even get dread and uncertainty that what will be their destiny toward the end. The passionate profundity in the motion picture is too high. The minutes are caught outwardly and beautifully in a stylish way by movie producer Prem Kumar. He just demonstrates the impression of the group of onlookers who watches the motion picture.

Yet at the same time, the motion picture isn’t’s some tea and it may not live upto the publicity. The throwing is great. Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi truly lived upto the characters and whatever remains of the cast are additionally great. In fact, the motion picture is rich and things can’t beat that.

We would prefer not to uncover more as it may turn a spoiler. Govind Vasantha’s music is the foundation of the motion picture. Gouri who plays the more youthful variant of Trisha merits an exceptional say as she is the person who gave more life.

This motion picture is simply too profound and we can talk a ton. And yet, on the other side, the motion picture has a few pacing issues as one should watch with heaps of persistence. All said this is an unadulterated romantic tale which is unquestionably a pathbreaking motion picture for the occasion!

By and large, An Unforgettable sentimental affair!

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