Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Movie Review

Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Synopsis: The life of a wastrel turns into an exciting ride after he begins to look all starry eyed at a young lady who has a secretive family foundation

Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Review: The benefit of awfulness satire films is that a couple of entertaining scenes highlighting a few comics and not too bad quantities of creepy scenes could work. Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 is one such endeavor where the jokes of Santhanam and Rajendran are given more accentuation than a connecting with story which holds one’s consideration.

Viji (Santhanam), an autorickshaw driver and his uncle (Rajendran), give restless evenings to their neighbors, on account of their chafing drinking propensities. Karthik, (TM Karthik), one of their neighbors, brings forth an arrangement to tame them with the assistance of a couple of others. A specialist, he gets an incredible stun when he endeavors to express love for his associate Maya (Shrita). Karthik comprehends that there’s something ghostly relating to her and endeavors to make Viji succumb to her. Viji then goes to Maya’s home at Kerala to look for consent from her family to wed her and grounds at a spot where superstitions and spooky nearness rule the perch.

The plot is unreasonably unsurprising for a frightfulness parody, and the flashback story which is required in such a reason, as well, has just the same old thing new to offer. Be that as it may, the science among Santhanam and Rajendran spares the show, on account of their auspicious counter exchanges. Urvasi, who makes a nearness in the later 50% of the motion picture, as well, give great organization to Santhanam, making a portion of the scenes very charming.

Santhanam has redressed the mix-ups made in last trip, and has depicted a character taking into account his normal group of onlookers. He has done a few tricks this time, as well, however doesn’t look much alright with sentiment, on account of an immature track. Rajendran demonstrates why he is still sought after even in the wake of trying comparable jobs in numerous films. While numerous parody scenes hit the objective, some of them neglect to do as such. The creepy scenes in the pre peak divides have some good times components, however it’s somewhat extended which influenced the state of mind to a little degree. A superior story and a persuading sentimental track would have helped the motion picture score more.

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