Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Review

Kaatrin Mozhi, Jyothika’s most recent film, sees her hold hands with Radha Mohan after their widely praised venture Mozhi. It is the official Tamil change of Tumhari Sulu. Additionally featuring Lakshmi Manchu, Vidarth and Kumaravel in critical jobs, read ahead to perceive how it passages.

The story spins around Vijayalakshmi(Jyothika) who needs to pursue her heart and do anything that rouses her right now. She takes a gander at a vocation commercial for a secretary in an exercise center and needs to take it up. Likewise, she sees a promotion for a RJ and applies for it. How her life changes once she lands the position shapes the core of the story.

Chief Radha Mohan ticks the privilege boxes with the throwing, including the appearance appearances by STR and Yogi Babu. MS Bhaskar, Lakshmi Manchu and Kumaravel emerge with first class exhibitions. Jyothika by and by hits it out of the recreation center with her feelings. The film indicates Jyothika as a women’s activist, and the genuine progress of the film lies in the way that a ton of housewives over the state can identify with the character – Vijayalakshmi. Notwithstanding, we have seen Jyothika in a comparable shade of portrayal as of now in 36 Vayadhinilae, Magalir Mattum, and because of that, a specific measure of freshness is inadequate.

Vijayalakshmi faces restriction from her sisters, father and spouse. When she contends against them, she doesn’t request that they go out. She reveals to them that she will dependably return to them since they’re her family. Minutes like these make this an exceptionally practical film. Jyothika and Radha Mohan once in a while run over the edge with the scenes, acting, or exchanges.

There are minutes that are exaggerated, however alternate scenes make up for them. The scenes where MS Bhaskar and Vidharth have a passionate breakdown inspire an emotional response with the crowd. We likewise get a peak that is consummately coherent and buyable..

The natural funniness made works for lion’s share of the gathering of people. A few scenes are entertaining independent from anyone else and don’t require exchanges. The parts including Mayilsami backs off the film and resembles a business bargain. A couple of scenes like the appalam arrangement appears to be undesirable. However, the move between genuine scenes and parody scenes are normal, praise to the executive and manager for the equivalent. While the moderate pace of the film may uninterest an area of the group of onlookers, the visuals are a pleasure to watch.

Ok Kaashif has made a not too bad presentation, yet the foundation score appear to be noisy at spots. ‘Kelambittale Vijayalakshmi’ and ‘Po Urave’ loan great help to the screenplay. Inspite of these negligible defects, the tale of the film is strong all through, which makes the film work. Jyothika and Vidharth regularly utilize the word 50-50 in their discoursed. Isn’t that what women’s liberation is about?

Radha Mohan and Jyothika give you a bowl of curd with Sugar, alongside this develop feministic film.

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