Raja Ranguski Movie Review

Raja Ranguski is a standout amongst the most foreseen films because of the lead hero Shirish. Shirish’s last excursion ‘METRO’ was adulated on all quarters. What’s more, the trailer of Raja Ranguski evoked an enthusiasm as the trailer itself made a secret. All in all, what is this film about?

A Police constable turns into the prime suspect in the murder of a lady. A Killer makes him the suspect with the goal that he can demonstrate his innocence. Has he done it? What occurs? Watch on the extra large screen. The film starts with the title card with a tribute to Late Writer Sujatha.

Raja is a constable who experiences passionate feelings for Ranguski. He makes her to acknowledge his adoration by acting himself like a stalker over telephone. He succeeds as well. Be that as it may, he gets the stun of his life when he gets some strange calls from a man imitating his own particular voice!

The guest debilitates to execute Ranguski and Raja endeavors to secure her and because of this he winds up as a suspect in the murder of her neighbiyr. Raja needs to demonstrate the innocence and discover the genuine executioner. The sentiment among Raja and Ranguski sets up an intriguing reason.

The primary half guves a holding murder secret and it adds strain to the story. Yuvan’s frequenting BGM raises the obscurity and gives a spooky feel. The executive himself gives few intimations and sets up the pressure so well.

The cinematographer merits unique say for demonstrating the dimness in the correct casings. In any case, the issue is the film crashes and burns when the bunches are uncovered as the last disclosure isn’t at all persuading.

By and large, A great first half destroyed by normal second half!

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