Sri Reddy Clarified Fans Furious Question “Dont You Get Aids ? “

Dubious on-screen character Sri Reddy had addressed the subject of a man with respect to HIV contamination, in a solid way. Subsequent to uncovering a few Telugu big names for sexual manhandle and sex for chance practices, Sri Reddy has now turned her concentration towards Tamil film industry.

She has been posting about such practices in Kollywood for the sake of Tamil breaks. She has as of late come to Chennai. While everybody where In the desires over whom she’ll be uncovering straightaway, she was on Facebook noting individuals’ inquiries.

One of them had inquired as to whether she lacks HIV contamination as she has had intercourse with many. Sri Reddy has answered to the examiner that the individual may be ignorant of condoms yet she’s mindful of that and has intercourse training and in addition approaches to secure her, and experiences general restorative checkup, so she’s not influenced by HIV infection. Sri Reddy included that she won’t not have cash but rather has wellbeing, and without Health, one can kick the bucket even with a fever stated, Sri Reddy.

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