Thimirupudichavan Movie Review

In the wake of conveying consecutive debacles like Yaman, Saithan, and Annadurai, music executive walked out on screen in a cop symbol with Thimiru p=Pudichavan, coordinated by Ganesha who had recently made a flop named Nambiar, Here’s group AP Herald’s selective first on net Thimiru Pudichavan audit.

Vijay Antony is a legit cop who executes his own more youthful sibling for the wrongdoings he submitted. Later he understands that there are numerous other more youthful adolescents who are in adolescent violations. He finds there’s a genius behind it and how he evacuates them shapes whatever remains of the story.

Vijay Antony as a loyal cop who enters activity mode is affecting, and however his weaknesses in sentiment and move proceed here as well, he’s great with regards to activity. Nivetha Pethuraj as Madonna, a cop, is appealing and conveys a flawless demonstration depicting feelings. Daniel is threatening, while Lakshmi Ramakrishnan is satisfactory. Whatever remains of the cast doesn’t get much degree to perform.

Foundation score by Vijay Antony is tremendous, and of his melodies, Naga-Naga, Thimiru Pudichavan conveys his trademark energetic tunes. Cinematography by Richard M Nathan catches the cop life and the station setup and activity scenes superbly. Altering could have been exceptional as there are hauls in the principal half.

Chief Ganesha who had before conveyed the truly obscure failure Nambiar is this time back with the demonstrated recipe of a cop performer with the support of Vijay Antony who need a hit. The principal half of the motion picture moves at a lackadaisical pace building up the characters, and towards interim increases some force, yet the second half pursues the typical feline and mouse arrange with old hat police scenes, and the medications are far an excessive number of with lost melodies, and absence of legitimate satire. In spite of the fact that Vijay Antony and Nivetha Pethuraj endeavor to safeguard with their quality, the anticipated screenplay and pace issues damage Thimiru Pudichavan high time, and at last the film closes as a normal performer loaded up with platitudes and long winded exchanges.

Verdict – Another Hit from Vijay Antony

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