Puppy Movie Review

A last year undergrad gets an amazing stun in the wake of realizing that he’s going to turn into a dad as his sweetheart shows positive pregnancy test outcome. How is he going to confront his folks?

As the title goes, the film rotates around a canine’s (Puppy) genuine love towards its proprietor, Prabhu (Varun), a last year undergrad, who is uncertain of what he needs throughout everyday life. As an explicitly starved individual, the main thing that continues pestering him is the compelling impulse to lose his virginity. He looks for his senior’s (Yogi Babu) guidance for the equivalent and winds up making goof-ups.

Be that as it may, woman karma grins at him as Ramya (Samyuktha Hegde), who turns into an inhabitant in his home. They go gaga for one another and their sexual interest lands them in a tough situation. Them two get the stun of their lives in the wake of becoming more acquainted with that they will move toward becoming guardians, after which they start accusing one another. In the mean time, Puppy endures medical problems which become a worry for Prabhu and Ramya. A better than average peak pursues which associates the feelings of Puppy, Prabhu and Ramya making it an upbeat consummation.

What works in the film is some of clever scenes among Varun and Yogi Babu. Varun, who is seen assuming the hero’s job just because, sets up a nice activity and sparkles in certain scenes, particularly the pre-peak divides. Samyuktha’s character could have been grown all the more however she conveys what has been given to her. Yogi Babu spares numerous scenes with his jokes – instead of being a side-lick to the saint, his character has an alternate edge, as well.

The entire story rotates around a few characters, and henceforth, there are occasions where a few scenes show up far-extended. A plot like this require a couple of nail-gnawing minutes, yet the screenplay neglects to draw in crowd in critical scenes and turns out to be excessively unsurprising, making it somewhat hard for watchers to identify with the lead characters.

Verdict : The screenplay neglects to draw in group of spectators in urgent scenes

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